Tid Bits about Thomas Vincent Ramos

T.t-v-ramos-2006V. Ramos was born Thomas Villanueva Ramos on September 17, 1887 in Tulian, Puerto Cortes, Honduras. He later replaced Villanueva with Vincent.

He spent most of his childhood in Belize, and migrated back to Belize from Honduras in 1923.

He began Garifuna Settlement Day celebrations as Carib Disembarkation Day in 1941. The official holiday came in 1943.

He wrote about sports and Stann Creek affairs for major Belize’s newspapers, such as The Belize Independent and The Daily Clarion.

He was the son Cecilio Ramos of Honduras and Santurlina Rhys of Stann Creek, Belize.

He was educated at Wesleyan Methodist Primary Schools in Stann Creek Town and Belize City. He took correspondence courses in business administration, public speaking, journalism and accountancy.

On Monday, February 16, 1914, he married to Miss Eliza Marian Fuentes, daughter of Roman Fuentes and Pasquala Fuentes of Stann Creek Town.

He fathered 15 children: 12 with his wife, two others in Stann Creek and one in Honduras.

Twelve children, seven sons and five daughters, were born to his wife. They are (1) Isaac Jacob Joseph Ramos, (2) Kline Harland Ephilstone Ramos, (3) Elswith Viola Ramos, (4) Thomas Tate Armstrong Ramos, (5) Gadsby Clockstan Tilford Ramos, (6) Carl Raymond Gustav Ramos, (7) Abraham Lincoln Washington Ramos, (8) Jewell Izetta Ramos married Lopez, (9) Ward Bliss Beacher Ramos, (10) Ruth Viola married Gentle, (11) Pasquala Eliza Ramos married Blanco and remarried Glossie, and (12) Dorcas Elswith Ramos married Higinio. Dorcas is the last surviving child.

Mr. Ramos was also father of Jane Ramos and Naomi Ramos, two sisters of Dangriga, and Miss Ellen of Honduras is another child.

T.V. Ramos was a multi-talented person: a farmer, trader, lay preacher, community activist, journalist, boxing manager, candy-maker, and organizer and promoter of many local events.

He was an active supporter of Marcus Garvey, his contemporary, and an active member of the UNIA, having chaired meetings in Dangriga.

In 1954, he became naturalized as a British subject in British Honduras.

Mr. Thomas Vincent Ramos passed away on Sunday, November 13, 1955 at about 8:30 p.m. at his home in Stann Creek Town at the age of 68 years.

His crowded funeral service was conducted by Rev. Claude Cadogan, who paid special tribute to a great Methodist in the Stann Creek Methodist Church on Monday 14th November 1955 (Prince Charles’ Birthday).
His corpse was laid to rest in the Garden of Gethsemane Cemetery in Stann Creek Town.

His favorite aspirants were Darrell Alvin Diaz, Mr. Cornelius Patrick Cacho, Mr. Alfred “Hombre” Francisco and Mr. Godsman Celestino Ellis. He used to speak highly of them to me.


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