Maya Land Rights goes to final appeal

13708484445_5229a6d03b_m Back in 2007, then Chief Justice of Belize, Dr. Abdulai Conteh, issued a landmark decision in the ancestral land rights claim by Santa Cruz and Conejo of Toledo. That decision was never appealed and a few years later, over 30 Maya communities in Toledo lodged their claim. This second claim, which the Maya won in 2010, was challenged by the Government at the Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal upheld only part of the lower court’s ruling, and the Maya communities have, consequently, appealed to the Caribbean Court of Justice.

That case is listed as one of several pendings matters by the CCJ.



The Maya Leaders Alliance & The Toledo Alcaldes Association on behalf of the Maya villages of Toledo District & 23 Others on their own behalf & on behalf of 23 other Maya villages v The Attorney General of Belize


For more, see articles posted by Amandala




2 thoughts on “Maya Land Rights goes to final appeal

  1. Thanks for keeping us abreast of this historic case. Wonder where Dr. Conteh is now, and if he has any influence at the CCJ.


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