Belize ranks 10th in Americans for Press Freedom


Press Freedom Chart - Americas


Belize has been ranked 10th among 35 countries in the Americas by Freedom House of Washington, DC, USA in a 2014 report that ranks over 190 countries according to how free the media practitioners are in those countries to do their work without too much censorship, interference or threats.

“Global press freedom has fallen to its lowest level in over a decade,” said Freedom House, which monitors press fr
eedom for nearly 200 countries across the globe,

“The decline was driven in part by major regression in several Middle Eastern states, including Egypt, Libya, and Jordan; marked setbacks in Turkey, Ukraine, and a number of countries in East Africa; and deterioration in the relatively open media environment of the United States,” it said.

This is a rare case in which a low score is something good. Belize’s press freedom score is 22 out of a possible 100, but the lower the number on the scale, the higher the level of freedom. See more in tomorrow’s Amandala

Belize press free but ratings still low














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