Green Plantain Patties


1. 2 Green Plantains (grated)

2. 1 Carrot (grated)

3. 1 Onion (chopped)

4. 1 Sweet Pepper (chopped)

5. 4 cloves of Garlic (chopped)

6. 1 to 2 tsp Sea Salt

7. 1 tsp. Black Pepper

8. Dash of Shallots or Green Onions

9. 1 tsp. Yellow Ginger

Four steps to a tropical vegan treat!

The mixing bowl
Step 1: Grate plantain and add carrots, onions, sweet pepper, garlic, and spices


Frying Pan
Form balls from the grated plantains and press flat. Heat coconut oil on the stove until very hot. Add patties and fry on both sides until golden
Finish cooking
Add vegetables to the pot and continue sauteeing.
Ready to eat in no time!
Serve up a delicious meat alternative!

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