Ode to Andy!

Poetic tribute by Adele Ramos (2008)


The skins of the primero and segunda resound

Rising in a rapid crescendo

Thundering that hip-swaying punta beat

Feet doing a fancy, seemingly effortless shuffle

Oh how the foreigners envy

The Belizean couple as they dance skillfully!

Celebrating the intangible heritage of our Garifuna culture!

They dance to his compositions:

Punta Medley, Ereba

And now the world knows Wátina!

Knows Garifuna!

Knows Belize in Central America!

His rhythmic guitar strums sweet sounds

Resonating melodies of the soulful Paranda

Oh, like Bob Marley – the great!

He was a redemption singer

Singing of Balisi, Yurumein, Africa

In signature style he sings

So powerfully the sound waves

Warm wintry hearts

The verve in his voice

Leaves one no choice but to listen…

You know whom I’m talking about

It’s Andy Palacio!

(Drums playing, dancing)

“Do you want me to take it slow, or do you want me to stop?”

And they reply: ‘til da mawnin! Let us listen, ‘til da mawnin!

Oh, Nanigi! We refuse to bid you farewell

But only whisper to you a soft…goodnight


Nite, nite

            Sleep tight…

The drums fade into deafening silence

As he departs peacefully, yet so suddenly

His heart—which gave us so much love—beats its last beat

He lungs—which chanted such sweet songs—took its last breath

And now in a mournful procession they go

United they go…Back to Barranco, they go

To replant the seed of our legacy

Our dearly beloved brother and friend, Andy P

We shall remember you!

                                                Mabuleidu wabadibu!

Lamuisaruñadibu Balisi                             

Belize mourns you

Rest in peace, brother, icon and friend!



(Dec. 2, 1960- Jan.19, 2008)



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