1. 1 pound Cassava root

2. Coconut Milk

3. Sugar

4. Nutmeg (grated)

5. Vanilla

6. Cinammon

Sahou is a traditional GARIFUNA porridge made from grated cassava



1. Grate fresh cassava. Ensure that the inside is white. If the inside is blackened, it is already beginning to spoil, so don’t use it. I divide my grated cassava in two batches. I freeze half and use half immediately.
Cassava root used to make sahou

2. Cover the portion of the grated cassava you are using with water and strain. Use strained liquid to make the cassava porridge (sahou).

3. Add nutmeg, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon to a pot with the cassava liquid. Place on stove top and cook on medium to high heat.

4. Pay keen attention to your pot, otherwise it may become a gooey mess. Stir continuously and add milk (preferably coconut milk) to the porridge to form and retain the consistency you like.

5. Ensure that the porridge boils before turning off the stove.

6. Serve yourself a delicious porridge which is one of the traditional dishes of the Garifuna people here in Belize.

7. SAHOU is great hot or cold!



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