Adele O. Ramos

Adele O. Ramos, well known in Belize as a foremost print journalist for almost two decades, has launched a new chapter of her life as a freelancer and entrepreneur. Her works appeared twice a week in the Amandala newspaper, Belize’s leading national newspaper, up to October 2017.

Adele is also known as a poet and creative writer.  She has published a series of works, her first coming in 2001: Thomas Vincent Ramos, The Man and His Writings. She followed with her debut poetry anthology of love poems – PHASES.

Adele led the poetic renaissance in Belize (2005-2006) as the founding president of the Belizean Poets Society (renamed the Belizean Writers and Poets Society). She also organized the Belizean Poets Contest and the Belizean Poets Exhibit, as well as several poetry shows.

She is also a painter, fashion designer and seamstress.

Adele is the mother of four children.

Check out her profile on LinkedIn:

See interview with Irena


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