Adele O. Ramos is an experienced journalist, TV news producer, and talk-show host with nearly two decades of experience. She is introducing a new show to focus on the need for justice with diverse topics that appeal to a wide cross-section of people at home and abroad.

This is the first show of its kind in Belize and it seeks an international audience. It will be launched with offerings first in Belize, and then expand airings to the region and elsewhere abroad, with particular emphasis on places where the Belizean Diaspora lives. It will feature diverse panels of speakers and a “vox pop” segment called, “Street Justice.”

Featuring conversations on pressing matters of justice from a Belizean reality but having a scope that can be national, regional or international.

  • Airs weekly
  • Prime time slot
  • 1-hour production
  • TV broadcast
  • Online viewing

“In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery?”

— Saint Augustine

DEMANDING JUSTICE has been established to stimulate discussion and build understanding of the Laws of Belize as well as relevant international laws, treaties and conventions, and to champion the need for justice. It is a weekly show to air on national television, with the intent of taking it to a regional and international audience in the coming years.

The pursuit of justice is a noble ideal and in our society today, it is imperative that we do not lose sight of the need for law and justice to prevail. This talk-show series is unique in Belize and it provides a forum for a range of topics to be discussed.

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