Hands On Learning Lab (HOLL)

7th Belize Esri User Conference

Subject: Esri Story Map

Trainer: Adele O. Ramos, CEO | Precision Mapps Belize



Lesson Outline:

  1. An overview of the ArcGIS Platform and relevant apps.
  2. What is a story map and why make one.
  3. Some type of story maps
  4. Examples of story maps: foreign and local
  5. Making story maps: DEMO and DIY.
  6. Share your content
  7. Learn more

An overview of the ArcGIS Platform and relevant apps

ArcGIS offers a unique set of capabilities for applying location-based analytics to your business practices. Gain greater insights using contextual tools to visualize and analyze your data. Collaborate with others and share your insights via maps, apps, and reports.

Website: ArcGIS.com

When you sign in to ArcGIS Online, you have access to a suite of online services. Story Map templates are available even with a free public account.

Story Maps Link on ArcGIS Sign-in

This takes you to a page where your story maps are located. You can create a new one or check the functionality of existing ones. So let’s get into the details of what a Story Map is and why you would want to make one in the first place. (More about ArcGIS)

What is a story map and why make one

Everyone has a story to tell.Harness the power of maps to tell yours.

A STORY MAP is an engaging “narrative, combining geographic information system (GIS) data with images, videos, and web links.”

story map graphic


(1) Authoritative map
(2) Narrative text
(3) Images
(4) Multimedia Content (including other apps)

Type of story maps

  1. Story Map Tour: our your audience through a sequence of photos or videos linked to a map.
  2. Story Map Journal: Create an in-depth narrative organized into sections in a scrolling side panel.
  3. Story Map Cascade: Create an in-depth narrative with immersive, full-screen scroll.
  4. Story Map Series Tabbed Layout: users can switch between multiple maps to compare different datasets or places, or see change over time.
  5. Story Map Series Side Accordion Layout: Our expandable side accordion control makes it easy for your users to explore your maps.
  6. Story Map Series Bulleted Layout: Present a set of maps via numbered bullets. Great when you have a large number of maps or locations to present or a top 10 list.
  7. Story Map Crowdsource (BETA): Publish and manage a story to which anyone can contribute photos with captions.
  8. Story Map Shortlist (BETA): Present places of interest organized into a set of tabs. Great for detailed travel guides or inventories.
  9. Story Map Swipe: Let your users swipe back and forth to compare two maps and see data patterns or change over time.
  10. Story Map Spyglass: Let your users peer through one map with our spyglass tool to see another map. Great for before and after maps.
  11. Story Map Basic: Let your beautiful cartography speak for itself with this simple user interface.

(Note: Beta test is a type of testing period for a computer product prior to commercial release. Beta testing is the last stage of testing and is very important in product development.)

Examples of story maps: foreign and local

(A) Foreign/International


Atlas of a Changing Planet.PNGAnother example: Climate Migrants

(B) LOCAL: From Belize


Deadliest hurricane.PNG

Another example: Killer Whales – Orcas of the Caribbean

 ArcGIS Map Gallery


What Kind of Story Do You Want to Tell? (Explore this)

 Making story maps: DEMO and DIY.




Supporting Documents:

Share your content

You can make your content discoverable. Publish it and promote it to target users. Share links or embed in websites. Social media is a good place to share.

Web apps are an effective way to share information in your map or scene or to display items and related information about a shared group. A WEB APP is a customized user interface that focuses your map or scene for a specific purpose, message, and audience.  You decide what level of sharing you will allow: no sharing/private, organization only, specific groups, or public.


See more on SHARING APPS here.

Read about SHARING ITEMS here.


AUTO PLAY (1) Story Map Journal, (2) Story Map Tour, (3) Story Map Series (4) Story Map Cascade and (5) Story Map Swipe & Spyglass (when a series is defined)

How to add “&autoplay” to the Story Map URL.

Example: http://www.arcgis.com/apps/MapJournal/index.html?appid=102cce4590a34b478ffe0909e04a7692

This URL opens the story map in autoplay mode:


If the Story Map includes a Share link, you can also enable autoplay by clicking the share link.

Enable Autoplay

For other tips, see here.

Learn more: STORY MAPS 101


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