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Ramos’ use of imagery implies she is not lamenting the troubles that have plagued her Belize but that she is hopeful for the future. The poem has a tenacious tone which emphasises Ramos’ affection for Belize and cherishes the healing that it is undergoing through the arts. This affection is continued in the tender way in which she describes how Belize needs to rediscover her soul.  Read more here: Adele Ramos and the Healing Power of Poetry

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Adele Ramos on Love

Channel 7 T.V. News, Friday, February 18, 2005

You know her as the hard-hitting, in-depth journalist whose articles fill up the Amandala’s pages every week. But Adele Ramos, Assistant Editor of the nation’s leading paper, is also Adele Ramos, the poet who’s got a rather sizeable soft spot for love poems, and from what we can tell, one heck of a love jones. She lays it bare in her new book, which features 30 new poems. But more than just “jonesing,” Adele told us today the collection is a true-true love story, her story.

Adele Ramos, Poet

” If you look at everything from start to finish you realize that it sort of tells a story. It begins with creation of the Supreme Being, the first poem speaks of the perfect garden where the analogy is given of the Garden of Eden where God created man and woman. You know love originated with him and I think that as human beings naturally it is within us to love each other and so naturally the anthology goes from that point of creation and then it jumps into the early phases where you have a young girl, in my case, starting to discover emotions, romantic emotions, or that stage you call it a ‘crush,’ for somebody you admire, and after that it grows.”

” For me it began as really a hobby, one night it served basically as my counselor to sit down behind my computer and do this. The process served as my counselor and I am happy to be able to share this with other people because I know that I’m not the only person who goes through these experiences. So I hope at the end of it all, I will be able to positively touch somebody else out there.”

 PHASES is available at The Book Center for $10 or from Adele herself. It was self-published by through her RAMOS PUBLISHING imprint. She is now working on a novel about domestic violence. 

Journalist publishes poetry book

Channel 5 T.V. News, Tuesday, February 22, 2005

 Inspiration to put pen to paper or in this digital age, put fingers to the keypad, can come from a wide range of emotions: anger, fear, happiness or love. For journalist Adele Ramos, a tumultuous break-up drove her to sit down at a computer and when she got up, the core of Phases: A Love Anthology had been born. Ramos promises that the work will touch every reader’s inner being.

Adele Ramos, Poet

” It wasn’t that I thought well you know, I should just sit down and write some poems. It was just something that, I guess, was led by the spirit and you know. I just sat there and I wrote literally for hours and so many of the poems that are in the book actually come out of that experience. It was for me a cleansing experience because over those hours, I was able to assess some of my emotions, some of my experiences, and go through a phase of healing. It’s never a complete process but it was an important step.”

Karla Heusner

” Have you had any reaction from anyone reading it that maybe it would have been something they would have written themselves?”

Adele Ramos

” Definitely. Not necessarily written, but something they would have been through. I’ve had that reaction from people. It’s been nothing but love from the people who have read it so far and I’ve been very, very encouraged.” 

This is Ramos’s second publication. The first, released in 2000, was a tribute to her grandfather entitled Thomas Vincent Ramos: The Man and His Writings. The poetry book is available at the Book Centre at a price of ten dollars.

Adele Ramos releases love anthology – PHASES

Amandala newspaper, Sunday, February 18, 2005

 A new poetry book authored by Amandala journalist, Adele Ramos, will be released on Friday, February 18, in Belize City. The 30-poem anthology titled PHASES includes a variety of love poems that tell of real-life experiences, but also address the issues of domestic violence and HIV/AIDS.

Ramos, a third-generation journalist, first began to write for the Amandala in 1995 and is currently the newspaper’s Assistant Editor. In 2000, she released the book, Thomas Vincent Ramos: The Man and His Writings, published by the National Garifuna Council of Belize.

” I have been writing poetry since I was a teenager. I had deliberately held off on publishing my poems until I was able to compile a full spectrum of love poems that tell a distinct story,” she revealed.

The poems are laid out to tell a fascinating love story, beginning with pieces such as Schoolgirl’s Crush and Puppies. On the pages of the book, she also pours out intense emotions—the joys of love, the deep fascination that a woman has for her lover, the agony of separation, the hurt of deception and infidelity, and the ecstasy of unconditional love.

Acclaimed Belizean poet, River of Fire, who wrote a short review of her work, called it, “A truly beautiful collection of poetry for any library.” He also wrote that the poems ” read like a personal love letter from a special woman to the right man.”

PHASES, the debut production of Ramos Publishing, will be available on Friday at the Book Center on Church Street, or from the author herself.