This page features an array of past news stories, and in-depth coverage of nationally important events and issues. On this page, you can find a series under the caption ICJ Stats, which highlights cases which have gone before the International Court of Justice for settlement.

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ICJ Stats

This series of articles written in 2008 and 2009 attempts to familiarize readers with both the history of the Belize-Guatemala territorial differendum and the work of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), to which it is proposed that Belize and Guatemala submit the case for final and binding arbitration. My article series:   WHERE THE…

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Money Matters | Featured Video | Alyan Gillett’s interview for the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting 2011. Courtesy: Government of Belize’s Press Office…  Talk Show Videos | Finale, Part I…   Finale, Part II…   Finale, Part III…     Finale, Part IV…     Finale, Part V…     On Occupational Safety…   On Money Laundering…    On Belize-Guatemala…   MORE VIDEOS>>

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Map Gallery

Welcome to my Story Map gallery for GIS DAY 2017. These story maps are fully interactive, and contain a vast wealth of information on nationally important topics. They also contain multi-media features, including videos, photos, charts and links to online articles which I have written on the featured topics. FEATURED APPS  Click images to access…

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Interview with Irena

Interview Adele Ramos – This Little Jewel Belize (2006) Interview by Irena Knehtl (Edited and condensed)   Q: Is there are strong literary tradition in Belize? Who are the inspiring poets, authors? Adele: Belize’s literary tradition is strong at its core, but under-promoted and under-appreciated. The folkloric tradition is fascinating with characters such as the…

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This page features an array of photos that chronicle my experience as a media personality for nearly two decades. Some of these images are intensely personal and precious! They remind me of the value of connecting with people — one of the most rewarding benefits of my career! From the famous to the unsung hero, each person has brought light and joy to my experience.

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